By: Yellowbonewonda

Keeping it my little secret

Is hard

People are seeing the change in me


Am I paranoid

I’m not in denial

I know my addiction

I am a stone cold junkie

With a monkey on my back

I’m carrying it like a backpack

I can feel it coming

An intervention

I’m not going

I’m not going into rehab

I’m not denying

I get high

Like a kite

On the best winds

I’m a junkie


My body is hooked

And my supplier

Can give me the best quality

It’s like no other

They can lock me up

Under the jail

In the dungeon

I ain’t giving him up

I get one hit



I’m sitting on top of the world

There is no feeling like it

I ain’t giving it up

Stop asking me to do it

I don’t know why I do it

It feels so good

I’m not giving in

To an intervention

I tell you

I’m not gonna let you detox me

I’m a love junkie

I said it

And I screaming it loud

And as long as he’s supplying

I’m gonna be searching for my next fix

The weakness in my knees

The crinkles in my toes

The hairs standing on my body giving me chills

He makes me numb to everything else

That kills my spirit

I’m lifted by every



Or shot

I can’t wait to get my next fix

I’m ducking into the shadows

Getting down and dirty with it

I’m not running

From it

Build my coffin

Because the next chance I get

I’m gonna overdose on his loving

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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