Know me
Like you know yourself

See me
As if
I was a lost piece of your soul
And you can’t live without me

Feel me
As if
Your hands are remembering my curves for the first time
Every time you touch me

Love me
Like no other will or could
For the rest of our lives
Can you promise to live a lifetime
As a Honeymooner with me
Enjoying each other
As if it was the first time
And a lifetime since we met

Pounding hearts that beat out of our chest
When we see each other
A constant flutter of butterflies
Dancing in our stomachs
When we are near each other
Never feeling enough is enough
Always wanting more

Sharing laughter for the hell of it
For no other reason
Other than to be silly

Having unconditional love
Knowing that
We will be complicated
But always as one
Being constant companions
Knowing I am your
Best friend
And playmate

As well as you be mine
Acting like children on the playground
Playing games that are silly
And using the world as our playground
Exploring every part of it
Journeying through life
Side by side

By boat
By plane
By train
By car
And Walking
Hand in hand

Journey with me
Experiencing first moments
All the rest of our lives

We will laugh
We will cry
We will love
We will loath
We will be strength
As well as
Each other’s weakness

We will be
Side by side

~ Yellowbonewonda  

โ€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.โ€

4 thoughts on “” Be my Honey”

    1. Hello sweet lady …happy to see you visiting. I have plenty on here been writing like no other. A poem a day makes room for the next poem to be set in motion ๐Ÿ˜Š come we me on this journey. Follow, share, like, comment and enjoy. Thank you so much for taking my invitation


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