By: Yellowbonewonda

A city paved in gold, ruby, diamonds, emeralds, and pearls with sparkling clean streets

Air scented of peppermint

Houses made of gingerbread and candy cane trimmed chimneys of pure chocolate filling

Smiling faces, pleasant greetings and a sense of self respect and honor

My ideal World

No place like home, no place like home

As I click my blue glass slippers and close my eyes

No place like home

But to no surprise I open my eyes to reality not only mine but OURS

A broken city, pot holed streets, polluted air

Constant construction getting no where but in the way

Run down homes and buildings with beer cans

Crack pipes

Trash layering the brown grass that once upon a time was green and alive

Neglected by our council leaders, government officials and our proud society members

Neglected by our churches that sit on the fours corners of these broken lands

Rather than working together they place the blame and nothing is getting done to resolve the problem

Neglected by you and I

Because we’ve thrown our hands up and are walking away with our heads down shaking in despair

Complaining about what should have been

Instead of doing something other than putting up smoke screens and constant musical signs

Condemned,  men at work, and danger


No resolution of this sore spot,hazard or disgrace

Our complaints still will not cease


Complaining about foreign businessmen coming in and making the “American Dream”

They have built a success that flourish and bloom

What they made so can we

Stop complaining about what someone else has

Take back your community

Not by violence but by intelligence

Get educated, open businesses, be productive

Give who you call “them” a run for their money

Stop complaining that they succeed when you failed


Young People that do not know the world

Wise People that know what the world is about

Must understand we together are the never-ending story that has no end

With innocence things are seen anew with wisdom things are explained in order not to repeat the mistakes

That have gotten us to where we are now


Lost in a world to big for us

No one listens

We speak in circles

We speak in slang

We speak and never listen

We speak and speak and the problems are still not being solved

Our broken lands are still broken

Our broken city is a landfill of violence

Our society is still unconnected

Our community is dying

I click my heels to see if things will change

And I know in my heart it won’t work


I still try

To say

What most think , don’t say , and what we are all doing

We are all dying faster

Who is going to stop it

Who will breathe a breath in a corpse of a world we live in

Make this world as I pictured it in my dreams

Is this world worth it or is it already worthless

End the complaint

No one is your enemy

But the evil whispers in your head

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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