Thoughts of it
Supplying all of your needs
Hoping it will help you grow as a human being

That in the time of thirst
That once the taste of it touches upon your lips
It feels as though it is going to be the most satisfying feeling

Refreshing to your soul


Is like a mirage in a desert
It’s an illusion of an oasis
With a sparkling waterfall
That mesmerizes
Pulls you into something
That is overwhelmingly beautiful

Fulfilling a false atmosphere of paradise
But if by chance you choose to
Glance away
It disappears
Leaving you with an empty feeling
A sandy taste in your mouth

By any other truth
Is raw

Buried so deep inside the Earth’s core
An uncharted territory no one has yet to map out
That we as people have only scratched the surface
In a book
Or an
Idea that society has twisted its meaning to be
Just a man-made definition

Is both good

Is a do
An action

Love is
A sacrifice of individuality
For compassion empathy pure unconditional acceptance

Love is
Truth of commitment to
Your partner
Your fellow man

Love has no exact rule book
Love is lived
Love is a word that the dictionary guessed it should be
But it can not be defined

Before society made a dictionary to define words
We had no words but instincts
Animals have done it from the beginning of time
And are doing it still

At its purest form with no misunderstanding
Unchanged by the hand of the civilized man

So I ask, what is the meaning of love before the man-made dictionary
Made it “civilized”
And defined to their terms

~ Yellowbonewonda  

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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