He is not a player
He Respects himself

He is not a day dreamer
He’s living his dreams

He’s not a shot caller
He takes care of things when it needs to be done

He is a man that stands out in a crowd
His eyes sparkle
Like the stars in a clear dark night
That Mesmerize all

He is like no other man
Indeed rare

His dreams
His goals
His overwhelming strength

He is a provider
A lover
But first, a Friend

He fights for his beliefs
is more gentle than a feather brushed across your face

He is made of dark coal
With a rough exterior but once you look inside
A diamond shines through

He doesn’t try to pretend to fit in
He is his own man

He holds his family and closest friends in high regards
Thinking little of himself

He does set time aside for himself
Allowing himself to enjoy life’s gifts

He uses his words and hard sweat to move him through the world to higher plains
Reaching for what most are afraid to reach for:

His struggle
Is his individuality

His pride doesn’t destroy him
But builds him

He doesn’t lie
Because the truth is what made him

He is a well-rounded man with
Knowledge of himself
His environment
His spiritually

His life is a journey

He tries to experience
New things
New people
New ideas

He does not complain to hear himself whine
About why he didn’t get what he wanted
What his friend has

He is content in what he has now
Living life in the eyes of his own
His children
His wife

He is a man with more power
Than any other

His power comes from within


He can be you
Your brother
Your friend
Your father

Any man that wants truth
And happiness
Holds true power to be great

~ Yellowbonewonda  

โ€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.โ€

47 thoughts on ““Man of Power”

    1. Thank you so much . I was at first hesitant to show anyone my work and it feels go to here that the hesitation wasn’t necessary. I am so ecstatic you enjoyed it. Please if you liked that take a look at my other work . Follow, comment, share and like .you are very welcome to do so


    1. I’m so sorry. I am still working on the site. I am a week old as a blogger and green . I am learning as I am going . I just had to just start writing before I lost my nerve. I had been putting it off for a lifetime to share my words and of course I just dived in and was hoping for the best. I will get there please be patient with me . I would love for you to keep coming back to enjoy my poems.


    1. Thank you …i have a few more already posted on the site. Please feel free to take a look and I will definitely try to post another tomorrow… You are welcome to follow, comment, like and share…


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